Super Scribblenauts: did they fix it?

We all remember the story of 5th Cell’s Scribblenauts: it was the darling of the gaming media in 2009, boasting the ability to generate any item that the user could dream up. Was it gimmicky? Yes. But it worked, and it got everyone talking.

When people actually got to play the game though, there were some very obvious flaws. Not only were the controls terrible, but the input system actually felt pretty limited without adjectives. I don’t know about you, but I’ve always wanted to conjure up a giant, fire-breathing baby.

More words, more fun

The developers claim to have fixed all of the game’s issues in Super Scribblenauts, the Nintendo DS sequel, and it looks like they’ve actually done a pretty good job. There are a ton of new adjectives that you can use to spice up your noun choices–think flaming, water color, undead, purple, salty, the list goes on–and they make it a lot easier to insert your imagination into the game.

Throughout the course of Super Scribblenauts you control Maxwell (the kid with the rooster hat up there) and help him overcome various obstacles by conjuring tools. The best part is that these puzzles don’t have a set solution; the options are limitless. If you have a mind-block, there’s a new hint mode that will bail you out. Unfortunately the game still won’t recognize trademarked items or proper nouns.

Navigating Maxwell’s world

In the original Scribblenauts, players were limited to using the DS’ stylus to guide Maxwell through levels; it was clunky and ruined many a challenge. Luckily, in this iteration you get to steer with the d-pad, which handles more smoothly. You still type on the touchscreen though, which isn’t ideal.

So when do I get to play this awesome game?

Super Scribblenauts will be available on Oct. 12 for $30, a pretty small price for unlimited replay value. Personally, I’m going to wait until I can make Barack Obama face off against the Beastie Boys.

While you wait, check out this trailer. What to expect: flying bathtubs, sword-wielding cows and dinosaurs in top hats. 

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2 Responses to Super Scribblenauts: did they fix it?

  1. fitnesswiz says:

    hmm this sounds interesting. I’ve never actually heard of the original but i am curious to check this game out.

  2. Kate says:

    This sounds so funny! I wish I had a DS, I’d definitely invest in this. Sounds like the perfect game for some ADD-driven entertainment.

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