Windows Phone 7 Series: Xbox Live Connectivity

The new Windows Phone is pretty much as simple as it gets, it may have even out-iPhoned the iPhone. There are a ton of cool features that they announced at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, but one of the most interesting is Xbox Live connectivity.

Xbox Live on your cell phone?

It sounds like you’re going to be able to play various Xbox Live games on your phone while managing your avatar, friends and achievements. While not too much is known about the types of games that they will offer as of yet, I would assume that it will be a select few titles from what is already available for download, or it could be a completely different format all together. However, in their public address Microsoft seemed to suggest that some titles would have cross-platform capability. Either way, the phone’s hardware has the potential to put PSP and DS graphics to shame.

Will these games really be that much different from what the iPhone offers right now? Probably not, at least at first. Gizmodo suggests that this feature will probably evolve into two other types of games: titles that both phone and console users can play together over Xbox Live, and titles that expand on gameplay that is offered on-disc (Call of Duty expansion pack).

The strange thing is that Microsoft is a bit behind in the mobile gaming market, Nintendo has the DS and Sony has the PSP, but their console-to-handheld gaming model just seems like a better business plan.

Check back soon for more information on this subject as news comes in. While you wait, check out this video outlining the other features of the phone:

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