Motion City Soundtrack: My Dinosaur Life

Today, I have to give major props to one of my favorite bands, Motion City Soundtrack. A couple days ago they released their fourth studio album “My Dinosaur Life,” produced by Blink-182 bassist Mark Hoppus. Over the years, these guys have worked really hard on establishing their style, and they’ve gained a loyal fan base through years of touring.

Their latest album is really impressive: it includes catchy choruses, heavy hooks and driving pop-synths. After all the time that they’ve spent perfecting their art, Motion City shot for pop stardom with their major-label debut (Columbia), and in my opinion they hit the nail on the head. Last time I checked the album had peaked at #3 on the iTunes store charts, and this band deserves every bit of success that they get.

I’ve followed this group since their first album, I was fortunate enough to see them in back-to-back-to-back shows in Chicago this last December, and this album builds on and eclipses all of it.

Plus, they do a shout-out to The Ocarina of Time on track 9.

This band is definitely deserving of your support, so check them out on iTunes, or to learn a little more about them at their website.

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